Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Morocco đŸ‡Č🇩

Clearly I am a ridiculosuly slow when it comes to writing my blog. On the 8th of May I finally pulled myself together to write about my trip to Morocco, which was in January. To be honest I have been crazy busy with school and my final thesis and stressing out about it, so the time since January is like a big blur to me anyways. But finally spring is here, sun is out and time to remind the last time I was in a hot weather.
Trip to Morocco was very random, another country that has never been on my list of countries I definitely want to go, but somehow ended up there. Main reason I chose Morocco was the weather. Even in January it feels like a proper summer and since I wasn’t able to get more than a week off, then there was no point to fly somewhere very far. But sun was needed, Morocco is still relatively close and flights were quite cheap.
First I was in Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco, for few days and to be honest I did freaked out a little bit, because no one spoke english and it had hardly any other tourists there. Probably because it was the low season, but I still felt like I am the odd one out, while I was walking around. (Btw fun fact that I didn’t know before, then although the official language is arabic, then french is widely spoken out there)

Rabat has a lovely coastline and is a quite known destination amongst surfers, so it was lovely to walk down there, listen to locals play music, play football and just breath in the tropical air. All and all there is not much to do in Rabat, as I mentioned it is not very touristy, but that is actually why I am happy that I went there and would recommend it to others as well, because it is much better to see the true local life in such places, rather than in places that only focus on tourism.

After two nights there it was time for a half a day train journey to Marrakech, which is one of the most known places in Morocco and the whole vibe was totally different. It felt like being back in a western country, where everyone speaks english, lots of international shops and food places around etc. Marrakech has many palaces, massive market, gardens and in general if I could choose I would definitely pick Marrakech to go to.

What I did like about Morocco is that as mentioned the weather was already amazing, like European summer, in January, but since the cultural differences, I wasn’t able to enjoy it, because it is polite to cover yourself in public and in 25 C heat I was wearing a long skirt and a scarf around my shoulders, when my normal me was crying inside, because I wanted to wear shorts and a tanktop. Although in Marrakech I did saw people with t-shirts and knee-lenght shorts, but I think it is important to respect the country and it’s culture when travelling around, so I chose sweating underneath my scarf instead.

Another thing I liked was the food- all those tagines and cous-cous, which were available everywhere. One of my favourite thing when travelling around is to try typical food in each country and I definitely approve Moroccoan food and sweets. What was a surprise then althought Marrakech is very touristy, then alcohol is not available almost anywhere. We spotted one restaurant that served it, but the price was ridiculous, way more expensive than in a bar in Estonia for example.

Cous-cous meal

Serving Moroccoan tea in Rabat
Thirdly I liked the culture. I could feel it straight away how much culture this country has and it was so different from places I have visited recently.
What I didn’t like about Morocco was that you always have to haggle about the price and I suck at this. Secondly felt very exhausting, we stayed in a riad (Moroccoan typical house, with an open courtyard) and it was in the middle of the markets, so to get to our riad, we always had to walk through the market and BOY it was massive and exhausting. For the locals we just looked like to walking dirham bills (currency there).
Thirdly we had few occasions when what we ordered was not what showed up. Firstly it happened in Rabat when I ordered vegetarian tagine, and infront of me was placed a minced meat tagine. And secondly in Marrakech market, there are pop up restaurants, which are numbered (avoid them!!) when we ordered one cous-cous and one tagine and the guy asked if we wanted fries or salad as well, although we said no, then all of this, including with untasty bread was placed infront of us and we were charged for it later. So in Morocco you can order whatever you want, but you get what they want you to eat :D
And finally, SNAKES!!!! In the markets there are several spots, where local guys play flute or smth and then there are bunch of cobras and other snakes chilling around them, FREELY, without a gate or anything. I still have nightmares about that creepy flute music, knowing there are snakes in the same area with me. One guy started to approach me with one, thinking I want to take a photo or smth. I didn’t see it myself, but one moment my friend was poking me and I almost had an heart attack. Fastest I have ran in years.

All and all I do recommend Morocco and although I didn’t had enough time to explore the country not even near as much as it should be explored, then I think I did get a quite good idea what it is all about and although I am not going to rush back any time in a near future, because my logic is that the world is wide and I want to see everything, then this is definitely a good spot to experience something new and enjoy the sunshine.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Spain đŸ‡Ș🇾

Finally, over two months later, it is time to write down my adventures in Spain. This post will come only in english, since the estonian one is mostly for my mom, but she was in that trip anyways and to be honest then I already thought I will not write anything about Spain... but here it is.
Why Spain? Because my amazing cousin Kaidi decided to get married in Spain. I don't even know why, but Spain did not attract me at all. I knew it was there, one of the most popular holiday destinations amongst europeans, but somehow I always looked past it when planning my trips, but I was still very excited when Kaidi told me where the wedding is going to take place.
What was supposed to be a week in Spain for Kaidi's wedding turned out to be a 3.5 week long trip for me. I can't remember who, but one of my friend said that I just don't know how to take a regular week or 2week holiday like normal people and I think it is so true :D
We started our trip early morning on the 14th of September from Tallinn to Malaga with quite a long stop over in Brussels, where we spent a day walking around the city. The wedding took place in Nerja, which is about 50km from Malaga and by the time we finally got to our accommodation, we had been on the road for 18 hours and this time I wasn't alone listening to my music all the time. This time my mom, uncle, uncle's woman and Kadi were also with me, so in my mind it was a rather large group to get to the destination and safe to say that after those 18 hours arriving at 1am my nerves were ditching me already :D

Thankfully next morning the sun was shining, Spain seemed awesome and I was happy :) The wedding itself was on the 17th of September and all I can say about it is "WOW". It is hard to take my breath away, but when Kaidi walked in, I was out of breath, she looked gorgeous x100. The whole wedding was just amazing and I am beyond happy for the two lovebirds.
Reio & Kaidi


With my brother
While in Nerja, we also had a day trip to Malaga, visited Kings Path (Camino del Rey) and Nerja Caves. The week went by very fast, including way too many sangrias and crazy amount of seafood paella.
La Familia


Camino del Rey

Camino del Rey

Post wedding pool party

On the 21st of September it was time to send my family back to Estonia, I stayed another night in the villa with Kaidi and the day after I sat alone in the bus on my way to Malaga for one night to start my little trip alone. It was so weird, because sitting in that bus I somehow felt so out of comfort zone and in a long time I was a bit afraid to go somewhere alone. Maybe because this week was so full of people and there was hardly any time to be alone and now I was in the same place but alone. Even the whole evening in Malaga I felt a bit out of my comfort zone but then I did a pub crawl and was back in my backpacking zone.
The next day, being wrecked as, I took an 8 hour bus to Alicante. Honestly,  I have no glue why I felt so obsessed that I have to go to Alicante, since I didn't know much about it, but randomly I chose this place to go and now I am beyond happy I did :) Alicante is awesome, with bright blue skies, sunshine, nice beaches, amazing party and a town, that has everything but is not too big. I stayed there for three nights and my favourite night of the whole trip happened in Alicante as well, when we went to the beach with a group of around 8 people, listened to guitar, sang and had drinks there. It was end of September and sitting there in shorts, listening to the waves and watching stars- perfection!

X Hostel

After 3 nights I went to Valencia and stayed there for two nights, but after sunny Alicante Valencia seemed just another big city to me. I mean it was also nice, but I have no crazy emotions about it. Despite the fact I stayed alive. I still don't know what happened, but one afternoon my health went from okay to very bad in just few minutes. All of a sudden I was lying on a bathroom floor, couldn't move myself, breath or even say anything. Thankfully Georgie came look for me and got me medicine and water, so an hour later I could at least stand up to go to bed, but honestly I don't think I have even felt so fucked up in my life before, and seriously no idea why it happened.

After Valencia I made my way up to Barcelona for almost a week and I have mixed feelings about Barcelona.I do like so many things about it. Cute little narrow streets in the gothic quater, nice cathredals, pretty beach and so much to do, but somehow I wouldn't hurry to return there. Maybe because a week over there was enough but propably because the day I left Barcelona I was proper pissed off and I think that might have put me off a little bit.
But as said then there are many things to do there. We went to GĂŒell park, mount Tibitabo, markets, beach, walked through the old town, had sooo much seafood and churros.
La Sagrada Familia

Mount Tibidabo

On the 3rd of October I was supposed to fly back to Estonia, but because of the Catalonian protests I missed my flight, because the protesters were literally in the middle of a highway and there was a huuuuuge traffic jam. Safe to say I was beyond pissed off, since in my head I was going to sleep in my own bed that night. When I finally got to Girona (where my flight was supposed to take off) and saw I missed it by half an hour, I just sat down and thought "what now?". The flighst any direction towards Estonia were so expensive, I really didn't wanna stay in Barcelona any longer, so in my head I had to turn the bad situation good again and take it as extra days for my holiday. I decided to go back to Alicante and stayed there for another 4 days. Let's say that Spain is not the worst place to be trapped at and it all worked out fine, because I had an amazing time in Alicante.

When before I had no emotions about Spain, then now I absolutely love it and can't wait to go back. Amazing food (especially seafood), very cheap drinks ( 1 bottle of wine is 1 euro...#mindblown), nice weather and friendly people. I am beyond happy that I took more time off to explore this beautiful country and once again met so many awesome people during this trip, who will definitely stay in my heart for a long time :)



Thursday, July 13, 2017

Itaalia+ kokkuvĂ”te/ Italy+sum up 🇼đŸ‡č

Itaalia tuli meie listi tĂ€iesti lampi. Algusest peale oli meie sihtkohaks Horvaatia ning plaan oli minna hÀÀlega, aga tagasi tulla lennates, et sÀÀsta aega ning selle vĂ”rra teel sinna nĂ€ha ja teha rohkem. Paraku olid lennud Horvaatiast utoopilise hinnaga ning hakkasime otsima odavamaid pileteid ka kĂ”rval riikidest. LĂ”puks leidsime suht ok hinnaga lennud Veneetsiast. Reisi viimased pĂ€evad olid ka ainsad, mis meil olid ette organiseeritud. Kuna ei tahtnud lennust maha jÀÀda, aga hÀÀletamisega ei saa kunagi kindel olla, siis broneerisime meie viimasest sihtkohast Horvaatias, Pulast, bussi Triestesse ja sealt rongi Veneetsiasse. Triestes sai ka paar tundi alguses aega surnuks löödud kuniks tuli Veneetsia kord kĂ€tte ning oppppaaaa kus seal oli alles turiste. Rongijaamast vĂ€ljudes tekkis hetkel kerge klaustrofoobia, kuna inimesi sigis ja sagis igal pool meeletult ringi. Kuna Veneetsia on vĂ€ga kallis linn ning esmalt Eestis uurides lĂ”id majutuse hinnad meil jalad alt, siis bookisime linna serval asuvas kĂ€mpinguplatsil omale kĂ€mpa. Kuna Annika oli haigeks jÀÀnud, siis trippisin ĂŒksinda linnapeal ringi ning wowww kui ilus linn see on. Muidugi suutsin ma 75 korda seal Ă€ra eksida, sest vĂ€ga paljud tĂ€navad on tupiktĂ€navad ning mĂ”nes kohas on sildade vahe pĂ€ris pikk, et kanaleid saaks ĂŒletada. Mis mulle Veneetsia puhul vĂ€ga meeldis oli see, et ta suutis mind ĂŒllatada, sest ta oli midagi tĂ€iesti uut ja teistsugust, kui ma varem nĂ€inud olen.
Ning oligi kĂ€tte jĂ”udnud 3. Juuli ehk meie tripi viimane pĂ€ev. PĂ€ike paistis, Annika oli tervemaks saanud ning tuju oli hea. Tegime veel linnapeal paar tiiru, sĂ”ime (ikka pitsat, pastat ja gelatot 😃 ) ning seadsime sammud tagasi kĂ€mpinguplatsile, haarasime oma kotid ning asusime lennujaama poole teele.
Lend Tallinnasse toimus lĂ€bi Riia ning kui me Riias lennukist vĂ€ljusime, lĂŒhikeste pĂŒkste ja t-sĂ€rkidega, siis isegi lennujaama töötajad vaatasid veidrate nĂ€gudega otsa, sest ĂŒlejÀÀnud lennujaam oli jopedes ja pikkades pĂŒkstes ning temperatuur oli vĂ€ga erinev Itaalia omast.

Tripi kokkuvĂ”tet on raske teha, sest see reis oli midagi niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii teistsugust ja erilist, et seda emotsiooni ei pane ma mitte mingi valemiga siia kirja. Minu jaoks oli hÀÀlega lĂ€bi Euroopa tripp tĂ€ielik unistuse tĂ€itumine, mitte soovi vaid justnimelt unistuse. Ning ĂŒksi Veneetsias ringi komberades mĂ”tlesin ma, et tegelikult ei saa tihti öelda, et unistus lĂ€ks tĂ€ide ning eriti kuna ma olin oma peas selle juba maha matnud, mĂ”eldes, et kunagi kui ma oma lastele reisidest rÀÀgin, siis mingi kripeldus jÀÀb sĂŒdamesse alati, sest SEE reis jĂ€i tegemata. NĂŒĂŒd aga seda kripeldust ei ole ning hetkel on sĂŒdames nii palju rÔÔmu selle kohapealt.
Samuti oli see reis kĂ”ige vĂ€sitavam ĂŒldse. Hea meelega oleks veel kaks nĂ€dalat vabaks vĂ”tnud ja lihtsalt maganud. Need konstantsed asukoha, kultuuri ja keele vahetused, pikad pĂ€evad veetes tee ÀÀres ning erinevates autodes korrates sama juttu ning jĂ”udes Ă”htu pimedas rampvĂ€sinuna kuskile kohale, jĂ€tsid oma jĂ€lje ning tervis andis juba vaikselt tunda, et peaks korra paikseks jÀÀma ning nagu mainitud, siis voodi oli vĂ€ga oodatud asi. Kuid siiski on mul reisi suhtes null kahetsust, kuigi see oli vĂ€ga vĂ€sitav, siis on mul supper hea meel, et me ikkagi olime vĂ€ga aktiivsed, tegime ja nĂ€gime palju ja ida-Euroopa sai minu jaoks tĂ€iesti uue tĂ€henduse. Pole sĂ”nu kirjeldamaks, kui ilusaid kohti me nĂ€gime ning iga kell lĂ€heks teeks uue tripi mĂ”nda neist kohtadest, mida kĂŒlastasime. Lemmikuks jĂ€i mul lĂ”puni Ljubljana ning Sloveeniat tahaks avastada palju rohkem, kui me seekord tegime.

Ning samuti poleks see tripp olnud see sama ilma minu kalli Annikata, kellega meil oli tĂ€iesti sama vaade ja visioon sellest reisist terve 3 nĂ€dala vĂ€ltel. Lugematul korral juhtus nii, et ma oma peas mĂ”tlesin midagi ja samal ajal ĂŒtles Annika selle sama asja vĂ€lja. Esines ka lugematul korral plĂ”ksimisi, kuid Ă”nneks saime ĂŒpriski kiiresti aru, et mind ei tasu torkida kui ma olen vĂ€sinud ning Annikat, kui ta on nĂ€ljane, neil hetkeil on mĂ”ttekam lihtsalt vaikides kĂ”rvuti kĂ”ndida 😃
Mult on palju kĂŒsitud, kas me kartsime ka. Vastus on, et ei kartnud,kaks naiivitari nagu me oleme ja arvame, et inimesed on head ja toredad. Õnneks see reis sai see kĂ”ik ainult kinnitust. Kui me ĂŒletasime Eesti-LĂ€ti piiri, siis korra kĂ€is sĂŒdamest jĂ”nks lĂ€bi, et okouuu, siin me nĂŒĂŒd oleme ning hea ja kodune Eesti on selja taga ja ees on 3 nĂ€dalat tĂ€ielikku teadmatust, kuid see tunne kestis vaid sekundi ning edaspidi valdas mind vaid pĂ”nevus ning ootusĂ€revus, et mida uus pĂ€ev endaga kaasa toob.
Selleks korraks siis lĂ€heb blogi vĂ€ikesele puhkusele, Ă”nneks ainult vĂ€ikesele seekord 😊

Our plan wasn’t to go to Italy at all, since as I mentioned then Croatia was supposed to be our last destination. But from the start we had a plan to hitchhike there and fly back to be able to spend more time in the countries we went to. But happened that all the flights from Croatia were so expensive and the cheapest we were able to find back to Tallinn were from Venice. Last two days of our trip were the only ones we actually planned. We didn’t want to miss our flights and the idea to spend few days in Italy wasn’t too bad either, so we decided to book a bus from Pula (our last destination in Croatia) to Trieste and then train from there to Venice. We also had few hours to kill in Trieste and then we arrived to Venice and omg how busy that place was. While exiting the railway station I got claustrophobia, the hordes of tourists was insane. Since Venice is very expensive city and looking the accommodation prices we were shocked, so we booked a cabin in a camping site just on the edge of the city.  Annika was bit ill, so I strolled around Venice by myself on the first night, got lost like 75 times, but was so amazed by the beauty of the city. It is something totally different from any place I ever been to and I loved how it surprised me.
Next day was the 3rd of July, so our last day had arrived. Annika felt better, sun was shining and we were happy 😊 We went back to the city, walked around for hours, ate pizza, pasta and gelato (how clichĂ© huh 😃 ) And in the evening we grabbed our bags and made our way to the airport, said good bye to the heath, sunshine and our amazing trip.

It is hard to sum up this one, since I am not going to pass on the emotion anyways. It was something totally different and SOO AMAZING. To me hitchhiking through Europe was actually a dream come true, not just a wish but DREAM and when I was walking around Venice by myself I thought that not too many people can say their dreams come true, but I am happy I made one of mine to happen.
This trip was also the most exhausting one I have ever had. The constant moving around, new countries, languages, cultures, standing on the road and being in different vehicles for full days and finally arriving to hostels late at night was very exhausting and at the end of the trip even our bodies showed us, that we need to take it easy, since I had no voice and was walking around like a zombie, while Annika had fever. But all that said, I have no regrets and I am very happy that we did and saw as much as we did. My favorite spot in this trip is still Ljubljana, I don’t even know why, but that was the only place I was sad to leave and I would love to go back one day and explore Slovenia even more.
In general I have no words to describe how much eastern Europe surprised and amazed me. I had no idea or expectations about this area and it quickly won my heart. I am beyond happy I live in such a cool part of the world, where everything is on our doorstep.
And of course this trip would have not been what it was without my Annika. It is crazy how we were exactly in the same level with this whole trip and so often I was thinking something and 2 seconds later she said the same thing out loud. Crazy. Although we were picking on each other as well, then we quickly realized that I should be left alone when I am tired and she should be in peace when she is hungry and in these cases it was in everyone’s best interest when we just walked in silence next to each other 😃
I have been asked many times if I was afraid, but the answer is no. Two naĂŻve girls as we are, we are thinking that people are nice and this trip definitely assured this to us. Only moment when my heart sank for a second was when we crossed Estonian-Latvian border and safe sweet home was behind us and 3 weeks of unknown was ahead of us, but it only happened for a second and after that I was excited and was looking forward of what every new day brings us.

It is time to send my blog for another short holiday, this time very short thankfully, since adventures in Spain are only 2 months away.

Europe, you have been amazing!💙

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Horvaatia/ Croatia đŸ‡­đŸ‡·

Meie pĂ€ev Horvaatiasse hÀÀletades osutus ĂŒheks vĂ€ga joppamise, kuid samas ka palju jamaga pĂ€evaks
Siiani tagasimÔeldes tundub nagu too 25.juuni oleks kestnud terve nÀdala. NÀrvikÔdi jagus ja see hostelisse saabumine oli eriti magus.
Nimelt pĂ€ev algas siis meie Sloveenia raadio seiklustega, lĂ”putu ootamise ja eraldi rekkatega. Nagu eelmise postituse lĂ”pus mainisin, siis just enne Horvaatia piiri vĂ”ttis meid ĂŒks naine peale, kes taaskord ei rÀÀkind sĂ”nagi inglise keelt, Ă”nneks rÀÀkis ta puhtalt saksa keelt, et suheldud me saime. Naljatilk oli ta ka kĂŒsides politseilt tollis, et kus meil oleks hea koht Zadari poole hÀÀletada. Me Annikaga vahetasime pilke, et mis ta teeb nalja vĂ”i? Tahab meile kohe trahvid kaela saada. Igatahes oli ta vĂ€ga tore, kuigi hakkas oma abieluprobleeme kurtma peale seda kui me olime 10min autos istunud aga hea kĂŒll, sĂ”idu eest vĂ”in ma veidi aega ka psĂŒhholoogi mĂ€ngida. Ütlesime talle mitu korda, et meie esimeseks sihtkohakss Horvaatias on Zadari nimeline linnake lĂ”unapool ning nĂ€itasin mapsist kohta kus me maha peaks minema. Sinna ristmikule jĂ”udes ta ĂŒtles, et seal on liiga ohtlik ning pole bensukat ja sĂ”itis edasi. Mul oli, et suva see bensukas, meil on vaja maha saada, ta aga hakkas paanitsema, et me ei saa seal hÀÀletada (ilmselgelt ei tea ta kui sihikindlad me omadega oleme) ja kuna vihma hakkas ka sadama, siis sĂ”itis ta edasi. Mingi hetk me juba ei teadnud kas nutta vĂ”i naerda, sest me olime pĂ€ris pikalt sĂ”itnud kiirteel tĂ€iesti teises suunas ning no way, et me oleks Ă”igele ristmikule tagasi saanud kĂ”ndida. Peale 20 minutilist sĂ”itu tuli vĂ€ike kĂ”rvaltee ja ma juba suht kurjalt ĂŒtlesin, et meil on vaja kohe maha minna, sest me liigume vastassuunas. Ta ise oli ka veits ehmunud, et nii valesti lĂ€ks ja vabandas, aga no elu lĂ€heb edasi, meil oli lihtsalt vaja Ă”igesse suunda saada. LĂ€ksime siis maha taaskord keset kiirteed, padukat sadas ning mĂ”tlesime, et hea kĂŒll lĂ€hme ĂŒle tee ja siis hÀÀletame oma ristini tagasi. Esimene probleem ilmnes teed ĂŒletades. Nimelt oli liiklus tagasi tĂ€iesti kreisi ning vahepeal oli tunne, et jÀÀmegi kahe kiirtee vahel olevale muruplatsile ööbima, Ă”nneks peale mĂ”nda minutit saime ikka ĂŒle tee, olles lĂ€bimĂ€rjad ning vĂ€ga ausalt öeldes oli supper kopp ees sellest pĂ€evast juba. Õnneks jĂ€i rekka suht kohe seisma ning sees olid kaks vĂ€ga toredat horvaatia tĂŒĂŒpi, kellega saime 100km kaugusele Zadarist. KĂ”ht oli vÀÀÀga tĂŒhi selleks hetkeks ning tegime bensukas söögipausi. Sealt saime oma fun tuju tagasi ning loivasime juba oma lamekate saatel tee ÀÀrde tagasi, mĂ”eldes, et oleme ainult 100km oma kohast. AGA nagu mainitud, siis see pĂ€ev ei olnud pĂ€ris meie pĂ€ev ning me seisime ja seisime ja seisime ja esimest korda reisi jooksul oli tunne, et me ei jĂ”ua vist oma sihtkohta ning peame öö seal samas bensukas veetma. LĂ”puks pĂ€rast vĂ€ga pikka ootamist jĂ€i ĂŒks minivan seisma ja need inimesed seal oli lihtsalt supppppppper toredad. Terve tee chattisime Horvaatia kohta ja saime palju soovitusi. A la 10 min peale autole saamist oli tĂ€iesti kottpime ning tekkis suur torm. Vihma peksis jubedalt ja Ă€ikest lĂ”i nii et taevas oli valge. Annikaga sosistasime vist 8x sĂ”idu jooksul, et meil ikka nii joppas selle autoga ja et ei pidanud selle tormiga tee ÀÀres olema. Nad tegelikud sĂ”itsid Spliti ja pidid meid linna ÀÀres maha panema, aga hakkas vist kahju ja viisid hosteli ette Ă€ra. LĂ”pp hea kĂ”ik hea, aga ausalt see pĂ€ev mis algas öösel ĂŒksi lĂ€bi Ljubljana pipragaas kĂ€es koju kĂ”ndides ja lĂ”ppes seal minibussis Ă€iksetormi ajal istudes oli ikka vÀÀÀÀga pikk.
Aga meie esimene sihtkoht ehk Zadar on pisike linnake vĂ€ga armas. Olime seal 2 ööd megamĂ”nusas hostelis, kĂ€isime ujumas (vesi on seal niiiii ilus sinine ja saab igalt poolt sisse hĂŒpata, aga liivarandu pole, et suht kivide peal on pĂ€evitamine) jalutasime linnapeal ringi ja lihtsalt olime, sest ausalt öeldes, siis meie jaanipĂ€eva tĂ€histamised Sloveenias vĂ€sitasid suht Ă€ra ning energiavarud olid otsakorral.
Peale kahte tsillipĂ€eva seadsime end Spliti poole teele. Seda kohta saime soovituseks igalt poolt, kui Horvaatiat mainisime. Ka sinna jĂ€ime kaheks ööks ning OI kui ilus linn see on. Ma arvan, et ma olen tee leidmisega pĂ€ris osav aga seal ei leidnud ma meie vanalinna hostelit ka peale 2.pĂ€eva ĂŒles. Lihtsalt nii palju pisikesi tĂ€navaid, osad tupikud ka veel ning kĂ”ik nii sarnased
 Aga ausalt vĂ€ga, vĂ€ga ilus linn. Split on tuntud ka peosihtkohana ning ka meie otsustasime mĂ”lemad pĂ€evad kohalikku ööelu uurida. Taaskord sai tantsitud varavalgeni ning tutvutud lahedate inimestega. Teisel ööl tutvusin ĂŒhe aussi koomikuga ja pole ammu nii palju naernud, et mu pĂ”sed olid valusad. 
Teise pĂ€eva hommikul tahtsime olla kultuursed ning taaskord ĂŒle 30 kraadise kuumaga mĂ”tlesime minna ĂŒhe kĂŒnka otsa linnavaadet nautima, sealt aga lĂ€ks vĂ€ike teeke ning mĂ”tlesime, et lĂ€hme siis ringiga alla. Kaarti me ei hakanud vaatama eelnevalt kuna aega meil ju oli. “VĂ€ike teeke” osutus aga 9km ringiks ning see kuumus ka kergelt tappis.
JĂ€rgmine hommik Ă€rkasime vara ning seadsime sammud praami poole, sest meie jĂ€rgmiseks sihtkohaks oli Hvar, mis on pisike saareke 1-2 h (olenevalt transpordist) Splitist. Kuna kĂ€tte oli jĂ”udnud 29. Juuni, siis vaatamata faktile, et meil kohe ĂŒldse ei olnud energiat ega suurt peotuju, ajasime ilusad riided selga ja vedasime end linna. Annika, vĂ€ike krutski, mĂ”tles, et jube Ă€ge oleks terve tĂ€nava tĂ€helepanu mulle tĂ”mmata. Nimelt asusime ĂŒhel pisikesel kitsal tĂ€naval, kus baarid asusid mĂ”lemal pool. Enne sĂŒdaööd hakkas ta ringi kĂ€ima ja mulle laulukoori otsima ning kui kell lĂ”i 00, hakkas terve see vÔÔraid tĂ€is tĂ€nav ĂŒhtĂ€kki mulle sĂŒnnipĂ€evalaulu laulma, siis tĂ”steti mind kellegi Ă”lgadele, ulatati mojito ning sĂ€rakĂŒĂŒnlad. Alguses ma tahtsin sealt tĂ€navalt pĂ”geneda, aga tegelt oli see ikka suppppppper Ă€ge algus 27.ks 😊

Ka 30.juuni möödus vĂ€ga tsillilt ja hĂ€sti. LĂ€ksime paadiga Palmizana saarele, pĂ€evitasime ja tsillisime seal, hostelisse jĂ”udes tegime korraliku junki Ă”htusöögi ning lĂ€ksime pubirallile, aga seekord paadiga. Ehk tsillasime paadiga ĂŒle tunni mere peal, kus oli tasuta jook, lĂ€ksime korra Hvari ĂŒhte baari, aga meile seal ei meeldinud ning otsisime selleks ajaks endale uue seltskonna, lĂ€ksime paadile tagasi ja siis sĂ”itsime Carpe Diem nimelisse kluppi, mis asub pisikesel saarel, kus peale selle vabaĂ”hu klubi ei olegi mitte midagi muud.
ÜhesĂ”naga sĂŒnnipĂ€ev oli supppper tore, pĂ€ikseline, soe ja kindlasti meeldejÀÀv.
JĂ€rgmine pĂ€ev oli motivatsiooni suur null, aga meid ootas ees tripp Pulasse, vĂ€ikesesse linna pĂ”hja Horvaatias. Ja ka see pĂ€ev kestis nagu nĂ€dala. KĂ”igepealt meil oli suuri raskusi, et ĂŒldse Splitist (kuhu me pidime Hvarilt kĂ”igepealt tagasi minema) vĂ€lja saada, mingi hetk olime jĂ€lle kiirteel, kust saime suure joppamisega ĂŒhe mehe peale, kes tahtis meile rannikuvaateid nĂ€idata ja minna mööda vĂ€ikseid kÀÀnulisi teid, mitte vĂ€ga hea idee, sest mul seal taga istudes kĂŒll hea neid vaateid nautida polnud, pigem oli sĂŒda paha terve tee. Aga Rijeka juurde me kohale temaga saime ning minna oli vaid 96km ehk mott oli laes, vĂ”tsime burksid, vantsisime rÔÔmsalt tee ÀÀrde ja sinna me jĂ€imegi, kuskil 45ks minutiks, mille jooksul oli pĂ€ike jĂ”udnud loojuda ning hakkas hĂ€marduma. Meie naljad asendusid ĂŒpris kiiresti vaikusega, ning kuna Pula oli esimene koht, kus meil oli vaja aja peale kohal olla siis olukord kiskus kriitiliseks. LĂ”puks jĂ€i ĂŒks auto seisma ning kui terve reis oli meil autode ja juhtidega ikka vĂ€ga nĂ€kanud, siis mitte seekord. Omavahel tegime veel nalja, et milline au jĂ€rgmisele autole osaks saab, et nad on meie hÀÀletustripi viimane auto, aga pigem oli see viimane ots pĂ€rit hoiatavatest lugudest, miks mitte hÀÀletada. 99l juhul 100st oleksime me sellisele autole “ei” öelnud, aga kahjuks oli see 1x 100st kĂ€es, kus vĂ€ljas oli hĂ€mar, me olime seisnud seal juba pikka aega ning oli vaja kiiresti kohale jĂ”uda.
Auto oli pann, supper pann. Kui nad seisma jĂ€id ei olnud taga istmeidki, mingi katkine autouks oli pagassis, turvavööd ei töödanud, auto oli supppper rĂ€pane, juhid suitsetasid kordamööda non-stop, et meil juba jĂ€lle sĂŒda pahaks lĂ€ks. Juhtimisoskus oli null, igakord kui juht pead pööras siis auto kaldus kĂ”rvale, sĂ”idu kiirus selle panniga oli 90 alas 140km/h. Juhid ise olid ka vĂ€ga veidrad. Annika sosistas mingi hetk, et ta pipragaasi igaks juhuks kĂ€tte vĂ”tab. Hea idee, mĂ”tlesin sama teha, siis meenus, et suurte joppamiste peale oli mu valvsus, mida me enne trippi kokku leppisime, tĂ€iesti hajunud ning pipragaas asus meigikotis, mis asus seljakotis kuskil. Hea kĂŒll, hakkasin seda gaasi sealt vĂ€lja kaevama.Siis mĂ”tlen, et aga kui midagi siin peaks nihu minema ja peaks jooksma, siis mul on varbavaheplĂ€tud, nendega ma kaugele kĂŒll ei jookse. Tenkusid ma enam kaevama ei hakanud, jĂ€in lootma adrenaliinilaksule kui miskit peaks juhtuma. Ning kĂ”igele lisaks sai poole tee peal mu telefoni aku tĂ€iesti tĂŒhjaks ja telefon viskas pildi tasku. Annikal oli akut 3%. VĂ€ljas oli pime, tĂŒĂŒbid ja see sĂ”itmine muutus jĂ€rjest kahtlasemaks, eriti kui nad pöörasid enne peateed Ă€ra. Inglise keelt nad ei rÀÀkind, kĂ”rvalistuja saksa keeles purssis miskit ja siis temaga ma veits suhtlesin, proovides ise maailmarahuna nĂ€ida, kuigi pulss oli laes ja never ever pole ma nii hullult kilomeetreid lugenud. Ta ĂŒtles, et teevad shortcuti. Telefon oli tĂŒhi, kontrollida ei saanud, jĂ€in teemĂ€rke ootama. Õnneks viisid nad meid ikka Pulasse, kuhu jĂ”udsime ikka ĂŒhes tĂŒkis. Kohale jĂ”udes tuli vĂ€lja, et tagauks kĂ€ib ainult vĂ€ljaspoolt lahti ka. Ütleme nii, et pĂ€ris pingeline sĂ”it oli see viimane meil. Taavi ĂŒtles sellepeale, hea, et esimene auto selline ei olnud, muidu oleks kohe alguses moti Ă€ra kaotanud. Ja oligi aeg veeta meie viimane öö Horvaatis, vĂ€ga supper sihtkoht. Mul jĂ€tkub ainult hĂ€id sĂ”nu, kuigi hinnatase on suht kallis ning hÀÀletama ma sinna enam ei lĂ€heks, vĂ€hemalt meie jaoks osutus Horvaatias autole saamine kordades raskemaks ja pikemaks, kui kuskil mujal.
Ma ei mĂ€letagi, miks me just Horvaaatis oma hÀÀletamise lĂ”ppkohaks valisime, aga mul on hea meel, et me seda tegime ja et ma sain oma sĂŒnnipĂ€eva nii meeldejÀÀvalt tĂ€histada. ( siinkohal ka SUUUUURED TÄNUD KÕIGILE ÕNNESOOVIJATELE!!!vĂ€ga armas, et meeles pidasite ja head soovid teele saatsite 😊 )
Plaane tegime me ĂŒmber pĂ€ris palju, sest esialgu pidine veetma Horvaatias vaid 3 ööd ja pĂ”hjas, kuid lĂ”petasime 7 ööga ja lĂ”unas. Kindlasti tahaks sinna tagasi minna ja veel rohkem avastada, aga hetkel tunnen, et tegime ja nĂ€gime ka selle nĂ€dalaga vĂ€ga palju.

Leaving for Croatia was one of the longest days and seemed like this 25th of June had lasted for a week. We were lucky at the end, but throughout the whole day we had quite a bit of challenges. As I mentioned at the end of my last post then after the trucks dropped us of in the petrol station and a woman stopped to took us over the border, she started to ask the police, if they know any good spots in direction Zadar, where she can drop us off and we can hitchhike from. Our faces were pale, thinking if she wants us to get fined straight away or smth, we just heard we can get 300 euros fine and now she asks an officer for an advise. Joke! Thankfully they did not care much. This woman was very friendly, but spoke no English at all. Thankfully her german was very good, so we could communicate easily, but after 10 minutes sitting in a car, she started to talk about her marriage problems. My german is quite good, but my vocabulary in marriage problems, is hardly excisting, so I tried to lead the conversation to anything else at all quite fast. When we reached to point, where we had to go to another direction I told her in advance that in 20km, we have to go right, so whenever she can, we would go out. But she was a worrying mother and since there was no petrol station she kept driving. I said it doesn’t matter, we can hitchhike on an highway as well and we have done that quite a lot, but she still said it is not safe and kept driving while we missed the turn. Then it started to rain as well and she kept driving. We saw that there is no way we can walk back to that road so we looked at the maps and about 20km further we saw a little road and asked her to stop. She still wanted to drive on, but I already said it with a higher voice, that we have gone to the totally wrong direction and we need to get out NOW, it doesn’t matter the rain or the highway, we are just moving the wrong way at the moment. She was bit freaked out herself as well, that she took us to the wrong way, but it doesn’t matter, we just needed to go back. When we got out of the car it was pissing down rain and we quickly realized that the fastest way to get to the right road is to go on the other side of the road and hitchhike back, BUT the traffic was crazy, so for a good while we were stuck in the grass area between the two highways in rain. We were just not able to cross the road. Finally, when we managed to do it, quite quickly a truck with already two guys inside stopped and they took us 100km away from Zadar. We were so happy that they saved us from the highway and rain, and since we had no food that day we made a stop in a petrol station. Walking out we were very optimistic and made our lame jokes when we got back to the road, but we stood there forever. I think we were there around 45 minutes and no one stopped. That was the first time when we thought we will not make it to our destination and maybe have to sleep in a petrol station. It got darker and darker with every minute. Finally, a minivan with really cool people stopped and 10 minutes after, it was pitch black outside and a thunderstorm started. Me and Annika whispered at least 8 times to each other, how lucky we were to get into that van. They were actually going to Split, but I think they felt sorry for us, and dropped us of in front of our hostel. That was the sweetest arriving so far. As mentioned this day had lasted toooooo long, starting with me walking home alone with a pepper spray in my hand in Ljubljana and ended in that minivan during a thunderstorm.
Next two days we spent in Zadar, walking around the town, chilling by the sea and just relaxing since our energy level was zero. Fun fact- there are hardly any sand beaches in Croatia, mostly just rocks, but the water is so blue and nice.
After two nights in Zadar we made our way to Split, which was recommended by almost everyone when we mentioned Croatia. And I understand why, such a beautiful city with an amazing oldtown and awesome nightlife. I think I am quite good at directions, but even after two days I had to look for my hostel with a google maps, because all the old town streets are so narrow, tiny and look the same, but it is like an old maze throughout the city, very very beautiful. One day we decided to go to a viewing platform and there was a tiny road leaving this place, so we thought we are going to go down on the other side, since we had time and it was a nice day. Little did we know that this tiny road takes us to 9km track in a 33C heath. But yeah, Split was awesome, we were dancing until the early hours of morning and met some awesome people over there.
And suddenly 29th of June had arrived. For that we woke up early and went to a ferry, to go to a Hvar island (which is 1-2 hours, depending on a transport). And although we had no energy and were not in a mood of party, then we still dressed up and made our way to the town, sinceeeeee after midnight it was my birthday!! We were hanging out in a narrow street with bars on both sides, when at midnight the whole street full of strangers started to sing me happy birthday and suddenly I was on someone’s shoulders and was handed a mojito and sparkling candles. At first, I wanted to escape, but to be honest it was such an awesome way to start my 27th year. And many kisses to Annika, who organized the whole thing! 😊
My birthday was great as well, we went to a Palmizana island, where we just sunbathed and relaxed. In the evening we took part of the pub crawl, but it wasn’t a usual one. Instead we were having an open bar on a boat, while sailing in the sea for the first hour and then we went back to Hvar, to a bar, but me and Annika didn’t like it there, so we left and hanged out with some other people so long. Went back to the boat and then they took us to Carpe Diem club, which is an open-air club in a tiny island, and there is nothing else there at all besides that club. So safe to say, that I am more than happy with my birthday, it was filled with sunshine, heath, drinks and good company.
Next day we had no motivation, but somehow we had to hitchhike up to north Croatia to Pula. And once again this day seemed to last forever. It took us forever to get out of Split (we had to go back there from Hvar first) and we were so wrecked and so not in a mood of carring our bags that day. Finally, we got out of there and the second car dropped us off in a highway, where an older man with a sportscar picked us up. He thought it is such a good idea to show us the coastal route, but me in a backseat did not agree with it at all. I just felt so sick and could not enjoy the views at all (although they were amazing, as much as I opened my eyes). He dropped us off in Rijeka in a right road to Pula. We were only 96km away, so happy, motivated and talking that whoever picks us up now, is a lucky car, since they will be our last car in this hitchhiking trip. 45 minutes passed and no one picked us up. The sun had set and it got darker. Our jokes were quickly replaced by silence. We looked at our watches and realized we only have 10-15 minutes left before it gets totally dark and then a car stopped. 99 times out of 100 we would have said no, but now it was this 1 time, since we had been waiting there for ages already. This was a horrible ride, something from a book “Why should you not hitchhike”. Firstly, when they stopped, there were no seats in the back. I thought they stopped to be funny or smth, but somehow he managed to get the seats up. Then there was a broken car door right behind me, the seatbelts were not working and in general, I am surprised the car itself was functioning. It stank and was so dirty. The men smoked non-stop, so we both felt bit sick after a while. Driving skills were non- existing, since every time he turned his head, the car turned as well. He drove 140km/h in a 90 zone and one time when he tried to overtake, we almost crashed with another car. Safe to say we both had a little nervous breakdown during that ride. And not to mention the guys were proper weird as well, spoke no English, thankfully one of them spoke a little german, so I was able to communicate with him a little bit, to ask wtf is happening. Quite at the beginning Annika whispered that she took her pepper spray out, since this whole thing was too weird. Good idea, I thought, I should do the same. And then I realized I totally lost my alertness, since we were always so lucky with the cars and drivers, and my pepper spray was on the bottom of my make-up bag, which was somewhere in my luggage. Okay, since it was a weird ride I started to look for it. Then I thought that if something should go very wrong, I am wearing my flip-flops, so I won’t be even able to run. And if that wasn’t enough stupidity for one evening then my phone died, since my battery was empty and Annika had 3% left. Sweet, that was the situation the the darkness. I have never ever counted the kilometers so badly. One point they turned away from the highway, although the signs showed that Pula is straight. I tried to stay as cool as ice, tho my pulse was up high and asked why did we turned and they said it is a shortcut. Honestly, I had like 10 different horror movie scripts running through my mind. Thankfully they took us to Pula and then it came out that the back door can only be opened from outside. Getting out of that car was one of the happiest moment of my trip. When I told my brother the story, he said lucky that it was our last, not first car, otherweise we would have stopped our trip already in Estonia 😃
But okay. Everything ended well and now thinking back to it, I just start to laugh.

Croatia itself was amazing and at first we planned to stay three night in north, but ended up staying altogether 7 nights and 6 of them in south. I am beyond happy that we left our trip so loose and were able to play around with the places and dates since Split and Hvar were amazing. Although Croatia is not cheap at all, I am so happy we chose this as our final destination and that I was able to celebrate my birthday there. I would love to go back one day and discover more of it, but I also think we saw quite a bit of Croatia in one week.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Sloveenia/ Slovenia 🇾🇼

Peale veidrikut, kes meid peale Sloveenia piiripunkti maha pani, leidsime end taaskord kiirteelt. Mina hakkasin kiiresti „Ljubljana“ silti joonistama ning Annika viskas nĂ€pu pĂŒsti. Sekundiga kui silt sai valmis, saime ka autole. Seekord vĂ€ga toredale mehele, kes rÀÀkis meile hĂ€sti palju Sloveenia kultuurist, elust ja olust. Hostel, kus me peatusime oli supperluks, ĂŒks parimaid, kus me oma tripi ajal peatusime. Viskasime kotid Ă€ra ja lĂ€ksime kohe linna peale. Iga reede Ă”htu toimub Ljubljanas „open kitchen“ ehk turu moodi ĂŒritus, kus erinevad restod, kohvikud ja baarid tulid oma asju mĂŒĂŒma. Minu terav silm mĂ€rkas juba kaugelt, et vĂ€ga soodsalt on mĂŒĂŒgis minu lemmikkokteil, mida me kohe paar tĂŒkki sisse ajasime, et Ă”iget reede vaibi saada. Edasi lĂ€ksime ĂŒhte vabaĂ”hu baari, kus mĂ€ngiti live muusikat ning vĂ”tsime veel seal paar drinki ja nautisime Ă”htut. Mingi hetk mĂ”tlesime, et lĂ€heks ka kluppi ja olles enne vĂ€lja uurinud, kus tĂ€na hea pidu on, viskasime aadressi mapsi ja hakkasime trippima, kuniks a la 50 pubiralli inimest meile vastu tulid ja teises suunas liikusid. MĂ”tlesime et hmmmm, siin on miskit mĂ€da ja jĂ€ime asja uurima kui ĂŒks kohalik poiss meiega juttu tuli ajama ja viis Ă”igesse kohta Ă€ra. Tantsida sai too öö korralikult ja kui hommikul kl 10 Ă€rkasime nĂ€itas mu sammulugeja selleks pĂ€evaks juba 18 000 sammu. Oma hostelist pidime vĂ€lja minema ja TERVE Ljubljana oli vĂ€lja mĂŒĂŒdud majutuse kohapealt. Meie aga tundsime, et pole veel selle kohaga lĂ”petanud ja tahaks veel ĂŒheks ööks jÀÀda. LĂ”puks saime 2 voodit 4km linnast vĂ€ljas ja koht ise oli super veider, meil aga nĂ€kkas ja kedagi teist meie tuppa ei tulnud too öö, et saime justkui privaattoa. Kuna oli laupĂ€ev, siis lĂ€ksime vĂ”tsime poest kohalikku veini, trippisime meeletu kuumaga Ljubljana tippu ehk kindluse juurde ja imetledes vaadet sellele imeilusale linnale tegime me veinidega 1-0. Liikusime tagasi alla ja saime lampi tuttavaks 1 soome ja 2 usakaga, kellega trippisime eriti veidrasse hoodi. Tahaks öelda, et midagi telliskivi sarnast hipsterikat, aga see ikka vĂ€ga underground koht oli. Annika vahepeal trippis koju, me lĂ€ksime veel kuskile katusebaari ja siis kl 3.30 paiku hakkasin ma ka sinna meie karuperse kohta minema. Kuna mul sularaha oli otsas ja pangaautomaate ma ei nĂ€ind kuskil, siis trippisingi ĂŒksinda jala selle maa Ă€ra. Koju jĂ”udes oli siuke tunne nagu vĂ”iks kiirkĂ”ndijana karjÀÀri proovida.
Õnneks asus meie hostel linnast vĂ€ljas Ă”iges suunas ning pĂŒhapĂ€eva hommikul vĂ€simust trotsides oli meil ainult paar sammu Horvaatiasse viiva maanteeni. Esimese autoga saime ainult 10 minutit edasi ning olime JÄLLE keset kiirteed ( see nagu meie special juba- kiirteel ja linnas sees hÀÀletamine). Saime Ă”nneks vĂ€ga kiiresti mingi mehe peale, kes ingl keelt ei rÀÀkinud ĂŒldse ja ma siis purssisin taga saksa keelt, mida ta ka vĂ€ga hĂ€sti ei osanud, aga saime suheldud vĂ€hemalt. Mingi hetk kuulas ta liiklusuudiseid ja hakkas toolil hĂŒppama ja meie poole nĂ€itama. Ma alguses ei saanud aru, et mis tal nĂŒĂŒd viga hakkas, siis lĂ€bi oma elevuse seletas, et uudistes oli öeldud, et 2 tĂŒdrukut hÀÀletavad Ljubljana juures. Meil Annikaga tĂ”mbusid nĂ€od valgeks, et miks selline asi ĂŒldse uudistes on ja siis ta seletas, et Sloveenia kiirteel on hÀÀletamine vĂ€ga seaduse vastane ja trahv oleks 300 euri nĂ€kku. Meie soov tagasi teele minna oli suur null ning see tĂŒĂŒp ĂŒtles, et ta peab oma rekkkale jĂ€rgi minema ja siis sĂ”idab nagunii laadungiga Rumeenia poole ehk me saaks temaga piirini, AGA rekkates ei tohi ĂŒle 2 inimese olla (meil eelnevalt vĂ€ga jopanud) ning me tegime otsuse, mida mina arvasin, et selle tripi jooksul ei juhtu kordagi ning lĂ€ksime lahku. Mina sĂ”itsin selle tĂŒĂŒbi rekkas piirini ja Annika lĂ€ks ta sĂ”bra omasse. Õnneks lĂ€ks kĂ”ik hĂ€sti, kuigi ma tean kui loll otsus see oli aga peale seda uudiste jama ei tahtnud enne Horvaatiat kĂŒll enam teele tagasi minna. Kuigi selle tripi ajal olin ma kĂ”ige rohkem vihane, mis ma seal ĂŒldse olin. Nimelt ootasime me tema sĂ”pra, kes pidavat elama 30km kaugusel lĂ”puks kokku peaaegu 2 tundi, mille jooksul me oleks jĂ”udnud juba Horvaatiasse kuskile ning kuna ei olime taaskord eikusagimaal rekka garaaĆŸide juures, siis tekkis nii lĂ”ksus tunne, et me esiteks teeme niigi lolli otsuse ja nĂŒĂŒd me ei saa sealt Ă€ra ka.
Nad viskasid meid maha paarsada meetrit enne piiri ja meil oli et wtf, arvasime et saame ĂŒle nendega ja nĂŒĂŒd olime ikka kuskil kiirtee bensukas. MĂ”tlesime, et hea kĂŒll suva, kĂ”nnime siis ĂŒle piiri, aga kuumus oli tappev ja ma seljaga kĂ”ndides viskasin nĂ€pu pĂŒsti ja ĂŒks naine jĂ€i seisma ja temaga saime Horvaatiasse.
Sloveenia kohta jÀtkub mul ainult hÀid sÔnu. Taaskord ei osanud ma midagi oodata ja tÀiesti armusin Ljubljanasse Àra. Armas linn, melu kÀib, sÔbralikud kohalikud. Ljubljana on vaieldamatult minu lemmiklinn selle tripi jooksul.

After the creep dropped us off we found   ourselves on the highway again. But we were picked up very quickly by such a nice slovenian guy, who told us so much about slovenian culture. Our hostel in Ljubljana was soo good, one of the best we stayed in during our trip. As soon as we had dropped off our bags and showered we made our way to a market place, where an „open kitchen“ took place. It is an every Friday event where local restaurants, bars and cafes come and sell their stuff outdoors. Quickly I spotted my fav coctail sold quite cheaply and we had few to start the Friday night. Afterwards we went to an outdoor bar, where live music was played and just enjoyed our first night in Ljubljana. That was one of those moments in life where you think that things are just prefect. Then we decided to go to a club and had previously found out what is the best place to go and opened our maps and started walking there. One moment a massive punch of pub crawl people walked past us to the opposite direction and we were like, hmmm there is smth wrong in here, because we were supposed to go to the same place. We stopped and started to look where to go when a local guy came to talk to us and ended up partying with us all night and taking us to the right places. 
Next morning we had to check out. When I woke at 10am my stepcounter showed already 18 000 steps. Unfortunately the whole Ljubljana was sold out and we had no idea what to do. We did not wanted to leave Ljubljana yet, but there was just no place to stay. Finally after me sleeping in the hostel couch we found a place 4km out of the town. For the sunset we got some local wine and climbed on the top of Ljubljana to the castle, enjoyed the view to the gorgeous Ljubljana and good company. On our way down we met a finnish and 2 american guys and went to the weirdest area in Ljubljana to a total underground party area. Annika went home and we went to a rooftop bar and around 3.30 I started to go home. I had no cash left at this point and started to walk in hope to find an atm, but there was none so I ended up walking the whole way back to our in-the-middle-of-nowhere hostel. I should seriously consider a career in speed walking after that night. Next day we made our way to the road again and were aiming to go to Zadar in Croatia. First guy who picked us up took us only 10 minutes further and once again we were on a highway ( our specialities are highways and inside the towns hitchhiking). Thankfully we were picked up quickly by a guy who didn’t speak any english, so I was communicating in german with him, although we wasn’t that good in german either. Suddenly he started to jump on his seat, getting proper excited and pointed at us. We had no glue what is going on, when next to his excitement he explained that on traffic news on the radio it was told that two girls are hitchhiking next to Ljubljana. Our faces were priceless at that moment. I asked why even is such a thing  on news and aparently it is very illegal to hitchhike on highways in Slovenia and the fine can be up to 300 euros per person. Well safe to say that after that announcement we had no motivation to go back to the road in Slovenia anymore. Our driver said that he has to pick up his lory but is heading towards Romania so he can take us to the border, BUT only 2 people are allowed to be in trucks so me and Annika did something I thought we will defo not going to do on this trip and we went separately. I went with this guy’s truck and Annika went with one of his friend’s truck. I know it is stupid, but after the radio news we just wanted to get over the border. But beforehand we had to wait his friend, who apparently lived 30km away, for almost 2 hours. We were boiling since it was such a waste of time for us and we were wrecked from the night before. And then they dropped us off few hundered meters before the border. We were like , okay let’s just walk over, but it was so hot and we were proper pissed off after all that waiting so we didn’t even face the cars and I just put my finger up and very surprisingly a woman picked us up and took us over the border.
Slovenia itself is amazing and Ljubljana is defo my favourite spot on this trip. I did not know what to expect from this place at all and totally fell in love to it. Such a beautiful, vibrant city with so friendly people. Another hidden pearl of Europe.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Austria 🇩đŸ‡č

Viinis veetsime kokku 2 ööd ning Ă”nneks saime ĂŒhe Annika sĂ”branna tuttava juurde, kes oli supper tore. Esimesel Ă”htul kohale jĂ”udes olime me Annikaga laibad nagu peaaegu igakord kuskile kohale jĂ”udes ning ainuke soov oli voodisse pikali heita. Sellel Ă”htul oli aga meie hosti ĂŒhel sĂ”brannal sĂŒnnipĂ€ev ning voodi asendus baariga hoopis, Ă”nneks mitte vĂ€ga kauaks. JĂ€rgmine pĂ€ev oli plaan teha ĂŒks korralik tuur lĂ€bi Viini ning ojaaaaa kui korralikuks see kujunes. TĂ€pselt nii, et me trippisime ringi kuskil 10 tundi ning tagasi koju jĂ”udes keegi ei rÀÀkinud sĂ”nagi, sest energiat oli alles suur ĂŒmmargune null ainult. KĂ”igepealt alustasime Schönbrunni nimelisest lossist, mis on pmst Viini variant Versaillest vĂ”i Peterhofist ning seal olles arvasin ma pĂ€riselt, et viskan vist pildi taskusse varsti, sest kuuma oli kuskil 35 ringis ning Ă”hk ei liikunud absoluutselt. Edasi rentisime jalgrattad ja vurasime lĂ€bi linna vaadates Ă€ra pĂ”hikohad ning siis seadsime suuna Doonau jĂ”e ÀÀrde kus sai lĂ”puks kaheks sekundiks jahutust. Nimelt mulle ĂŒllatuseks, siis Viini rahvas kĂ€ib seal ujumas ja pĂ€evitamas. Viin on supppper ilus linn ning samuti koht kuhu tahaks jĂ”ulude paiku tagasi tulla, kui igal pool jĂ”uluturud on. Samuti nautisin ma Viinis olles saksa keelt taaskord ĂŒle pika aja. Ka ise sai pĂ€ris palju rÀÀgitud ning pole see midagi nii roostes nagu ma arvasin.
JĂ€rgmine hommik pidi meie host kl 10 lahkuna ning mĂ”tlesime ka Ljubljana poole teele asuda kuid kaks kanapead tuuril nagu me oleme, siis alles majast vĂ€lja astudes hakkasime mĂ”tlema, et oot-oot aga kust me ĂŒldse hÀÀletada saame, sest Viin on ju megasuur. Kuidagi mingi koha me lĂ”puks vĂ€lja pusisime, aga maps nĂ€itas, et sinna on metroodega 2h trippimist ja me siis otsustasime, et see oleks liiga aja ja rahakulukas meile ning me rendime uuesti rattad. Nii me siis surusime oma ilmselgelt liiga suured seljakotid ratta korvi, mina ees ĂŒhe silmaga telefonist mapsi jĂ€lgides, teisega teed, vurasime vĂ”imalikult kaugele kui pidime rattad Ă€ra andma ja siis veel kĂ”ndisime pÀÀÀris korraliku maa, et tee ÀÀrde jĂ”uda ning lĂ”puks vĂ”ssist vĂ€lja hĂŒpates avastasime, et me ikka liiga linnas sees, aga selleks ajaks olime me ikkagist ĂŒle 2h trippinud ja tahtsime lihtsalt auto peale saada ning bussipeatuses kĂ”ikide inimeste ees viskasime nĂ€pu pĂŒsti😁. Õnneks saime paari minutiga peale ning 2 austria meest viskasid meid Ă€ra Grazi, seal totaalselt kesklinna. JĂ€lle trippisime veits edasi kuni enam ei viitsind ja leidsime uue bussipeatuse kust vĂ”ttis ĂŒks hipiema meid oma minubussi ja viis linnast vĂ€lja. Taaskord olime keset kiirteed, saime mingi imeliku autole kes tsekkis terve tee meie jalgu kuid Ă”nneks temaga pikalt ei pidand sĂ”itma ja ta viis meid ĂŒle Sloveenia piiri.

In Vienna we were lucky and could stay at one of Annikas friend's place who was super nice and showed us A LOT of Vienna in those two days. First night when we got there we were wrecked as per usual and only thing we could think of was a bed. But our host had a friend, who had a birthday and bed was quickly replaced with a bar. Next morning we did a city tour and I honestly think we did pretty much most of the touristy things within one day. Altogether we were away for about 10 hours. At first we went to see the Schönbrunn castle, where I actually thought I might pass out, because it was around 35 degrees outside and no wind whatsoever. After that we rented bikes and cycled to the main spots in Vienna. When the heath got to all of us we decided to go for a swim in Danube river, which was well needed by that point. After we cycled more until we walked home and none of us wasn't saying anything since we were totally out of energy.
Next morning our host had to leave at 10am and we decided to hit the road again as well and make our way to Ljubljana, but two "let's go with the flow" persons as we are, we realised we have no glue where to go. Finally we found a road towards Slovenia, but it showed 2hours with metros, which was too long and expensive to swap them and we though we came up with a brilliant idea- let's cycle there. So we squeezed our clearly way too big bags into the basket and started cycling in Vienna city with me infront, one hand holding the phone and looking maps and other trying to stay on the road. We cycled as far as we could before we had to return the bikes and then walked for ages. By the time we got where needed we realized we are still pretty much in the city, Vienna is just that massive. But we couldn't be bothered walking anymore and just started to hitchhike from the bus stop over there infront of all the people waiting for a bus😁. Thankfully we were picked up quite quickly and the guys to us to Graz and dropped us off in the city center, agaaaaaain 😑. So we walked a little bit and just started hitchhiking again. This time a super  cool hippie mom picked us up with her van and took us outside of the city. Where we got to a car with a little weirdo who too obviously checked out our legs the whole ride. Thankfully we only had a short ride with him and he took us on the other side of the boarder.
Vienna is such a lovely city with beautiful buildings and I would love to go back one day, but maybe around christmas next time. Austria was also so homie to me because of german and it was sooo good to practise it again, it is not even as rusty as I thought it might be and it was so much easier with the cars as well, since everyone who picked us up there spoke hardly any english.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Slovakkia/ Slovakia🇾🇰

Slovakkia on super ilus. Üks alahinnatumaid kohti Euroopas ma ĂŒtleks.
Aga alustades meie Slovakkia seiklustest, siis viimane auto, kes meid Krakowi juurest peale vĂ”ttis osutas meile jĂ€lle teene ning viis meid Poola-Slovakkia piiripunktini, kus valitses TÜHJUS. Esiteks asusime me peaaegu peadpidi pilvedes, kuna olime Tatra mĂ€gedes, seal oli pĂ€ris kĂŒlm, niiske ja autosid liikus super vĂ€he. Kuigi me olime umbkaudu 30km oma sihtmĂ€rgist, siis tĂ€iesti mĂ€gedes hÀÀletamiseks me valmis ei olnud ja esialgu sĂ”itsid ka need ĂŒksikud autod meist mööda. LĂ”puks jĂ”udsime Popradi 4 erineva autoga. Kui me Poolas sĂ”itsime terve riigi lĂ€bi sama arvu autoga, siia nĂŒĂŒd oli 30km jaoks vaja 4 autot 😄
Poprad ja selle lĂ€hiĂŒmbrus on lihtsalt WOW. See on koht, kuhu tahaks kindlasti kunagi lauatama vĂ”i suusatama tulla. KĂ”ige idĂŒllilisemad vĂ€ikesed mĂ€ekĂŒlakesed  oma suusakuurortitega asuvad seal. Popradisse jĂ€ime kokku kaheks ööks. Teisel pĂ€eval sĂ”itsimegi rongiga ĂŒhte nendest kĂŒladest ning lĂ€ksime köisraudteega pĂ€ris kĂ”rgele mĂ€gedesse, kus vaated vĂ”tsid lihtsalt sĂ”natuks. SĂ”ime ka palju kohalikku toitu, milleks on pelmeenide sarnased asjad aga juustukastme, peekoni ja hapukapsaga.
Kolmandal pĂ€eval lĂ€ksime kohalikku veeparki ning kuna temperatuur oli 35, siis oli pĂ€ris mĂ”nus bassu ÀÀres lebotada ja ujuda. PealelĂ”unat asusime Bratislava poole teele. Selle ulme kuumusega trippisime tee ÀÀrde ning seisime, kĂ€rssasime, seisine veel, hakkasime mĂ”tlema et wtf ja kĂ€rsassime veel rohkem. Nimelt seisime oma kohakeses 50 minutit, mille jooksul peatus 8 autot, aga keegi ei lĂ€inud Bratislava poolegi. LĂ”puks tuli vĂ€lja, et ilmselgelt oli pĂ€ike meile vist pĂ€he hakanud, sest me seisime tĂ€iesti vale tee ÀÀres, kus mĂ€rk nĂ€itas kĂŒll Bratislava peale, aga tagasipöördega. Trippisime siis Ă”igesse suunda ning palavus selleks hetkeks tahtis juba pildi taskusse visata ning ma ajasin kiirteele pööramise ringil nĂ€pu pĂŒsti kuna me ei viitsinud enam kĂ”ndida. Kohe jĂ€igi auto seisma Ă”nneks, aga ta ĂŒtles, et peab midagi kuskilt tooma ning viis meid vĂ€iksesse kĂŒlakesse ja hakkas oma kaubikule asju laadima. Ja siis tegi teises kohas sama ja me lihtsalt passisime ja ootasime. Tagasi teele jĂ”udes mĂ”tlesime, et ei viitsi temaga enam trippida, kui ta igal pool peatub ja kuna nagunii lĂ€ks teise kohta ka. Ning taaskord avastasime end keset kiirteed, kust meist ĂŒlihelikiirusel mööda tuhiseti. Peale 20min saime peale kuid siiski mitte Bratislavasse. Zilina nimelises kohas hakkasime jĂ€lle hÀÀletama. Saine kaubikule, kus juht oli super pĂ”nevil vĂ€lismaalastega kohtumisest, kuigi ta inglise keel oli suht olematu. Ma istusin ta kĂ”rval ja tundus nagu mulle oleks ristkĂŒsitlust tehtud, kĂ”ike tahtis Eesti kohta teada, hakkas googeldama ning nĂ€itas mulle lambi majade pilte ning kĂŒsis, kas see on Tallinn, mul et ma ei tea, vĂ”ib-olla, ma igat maja seal ei tea. Siis nĂ€itas meile oma perest pilte, lasi Slovakkia folki ja uusi hitte, palus, et ma laseks youtubest eesti diskot ja see kĂ”ik toimus pĂ€eval, mil me olime tĂ€iesti laibad ja oleks ammmmmu tahtnud Bratislavas kohal olla. Ka tema ei lĂ€inud sinna vaid pani meid taaskord kiirteel maha ( kus hÀÀletamine on ebaseaduslik ja trahv on 50 euri nagu me ĂŒhelt juhilt teada saime). Seekord oli pĂ€ike loojunud ja meil oli a la 10-15min enne kui vĂ€ljas lĂ€ks pimedaks. Õnneks saime kiiresti peale ja seekord Bratislavasse, kuigi vahepeal tundus, et keegi vist ei sĂ”idagi sinna.
Sinna jÔudes lÀksime korra vÀlja, aga mu pea oli pÀiksest ja kuumast suht valus ja ma leidsin kiiresti tagasi tee voodini. JÀrgmine pÀev trippisime terve pÀeva linnapeal, mis on supppppper armas. Koht, kuhu tahaks nÀdalavahetusel tagasi tulla kunagi. Ning Ôhtul hakkasime trippima Viini poole, mis ainult tunniajase tee kaugusel.
Slovakkialt ei osanud ma midagi oodata, kuid see koht ĂŒllatas mind vĂ€ga positiivselt.

Slovakia is a hidden gem of Europe and one of the most underrated places here.
As I finished my last post then we got dropped off jn a border of Poland and Slovakia, which was high up in the Tatra mountains. Our heads were pretty much in clouds, it was damp, cold, we were hangovered and there was hardly any traffic up there. So the situation looked not great😁
We were only about 30km from our next destination, but we got there eventually with 4 different cars. Our next stop was a little town called Poprad, which was a small place on the bottom of Tatra mountains. This whole area is so beautiful  with the most idyllic little ski villages. I would love to come back here one day for a ski or snowboard holiday, I reckon this place is even more amazing during the winter.
We stayed there for 2 nights and on our first full day we took a train up to one of the villages and a cable car to the mountains. The views from there were amazing. We were lucky and got a nice and sunny day as well. On the seond day we went to the local aquapark and spent the afternoon by the pool and swimming, which was great since it was 35 degrees outside. In the afternoon we made our way back to the road and were planning to go to Bratislava. After standing by the road for 50 minutes( in this heat!!!) and 8 cars had stopped but none of them went to Bratislava, we realised we were on a wrong road. So we started to walk to the right road, but my head was sore and shoulders were red, so we had no motivation to walk much and I just put my finger up in a round road to the highway- the most unconveinent place to stop, but we were lucky and got into the car. The driver took us to nearby village and was loading stuff on and off from his van, while we were just sitting and waiting. When he got back to the road we asked to be dropped off, since we wasted so much time with his stops and he didn't go to Bratislava anyways. And once again we found ourselves in the middle of a highway, by this point sooo sick of the sun and heath. Luckily we got into a car after 20min and he drove faaaaaaaast. He had like 180km/h half the way, but once again he didn't go to Bratislava. Next driver spoke hardly any english, but was so exited to meet foreigners. He started to google about Estonia and Tallinn, played us Slovakian folk and pop music, asked us to play Estonian disco music, showed us his family photos etc. Such a nice guy, but as said, that day had lasted already too long for us. He dropped us off 60km from Bratislava and again we were on the highway, this time we had only 10-15minutes before it got dark outside. Thankfully we got into a car very quickly and this time to the right place. We got there 10pm and went out for a drink, but my head for sore so I found a way back to my bed very quickly. Next day we were walking to to castle and around Bratislava the whole day. Such a nice city! I would really like to come back for the weekend and I have night out there, so many nice outside bars and terraces. In the evening we made our way to Vienna, since it is only an hour away.
I had no thoughts about Slovakia before we came here, but I am so positively surprised how nice this country.